Security Guards Are Needed More Now Than Ever Before

by Chris Bing

Security-Check-Point-Sign-K-5818The news is terrifying, it gives me shivers every time I see and hear what’s on the news – 27 people was killed at school.

Oh my God! I can’t help myself to whisper these words because I believe that there is no safe place for us. But in the end I realize that I am wrong. We can still be safe if companies or institutions will hire a security guard or security guards because their duties are not that easy.

But, is the school has a security guard? Why did they allow the evil man to enter in that school?

The responsibility of a security guard is to give security that we will always safe because they guarding us once we stepped in at his guarding place.  Maybe security guard has no power to arrest criminals but they are the people who can defend us on evil people. It is because they also passed and completed a guard training. That is the reason why they are permitted to carry and use gun, if necessary. But they will just use it as the last resort. They will just use their gun for self defense.

So, are you planning to be a security guard?

This job requires dedication because there are times that they need to defend lives in case that the evil will come to your place. If necessary you will die protecting lives because that is your job.  So, are you ready to sacrifice you life for others?

There are people asks if in applying a security guard you always need to have an education.

Yes, they require education but it’s okay if you are not college graduate. The important is you are literate and can communicate well. But you can’t be a security guard if you had been arrested.  Well, there are some state that will check what type of arrest you have been through. If you have been arrested because you are committed crime, it is very impossible that you will still accept as security guard.

If you think that you will just qualify as guard if you are very strong or in shape, you are wrong. You just need to handle the job well. In able to do that, you must be good in communication. Of course you need to do reporting and observing always. You didn’t know when evil will come.

Now, if you really want to be a security guard and if you will ask if this job is good. I tell you it is, there is a rapid hiring of a security guard and because there are lot companies need to have a security guard. You can always apply.

Just remember that character is very important in applying a security guard. If you think that you have a bad attitude it’s better if you will look for another career. But if you are happy person, friendly and love protecting lives, you have to apply for this position because I believe that you can  be the best security guard.