Things you should know before selecting Security Company

by Chris Bing

security alarm system

security alarm system

In every company you should use a security system so that your business is protected from bad people who are planning to get in your company and steal your money, documents or even lives. With the help of your security system, I am sure that the evilness of some people will not succeed. So, bear in mind that having security system has great advantage for your company. But, you also have to realize that when you are purchasing a security system in a company there is a possibility that you will have problems in future. I guess you need some tips to avoid when purchasing a security system in a company.


First, proprietary systems.  Before you decide which security companies in miami you will choose for their service you will ask them how much they will bid, right? Because you are a business person, you will choose the lowest price. But did you do the right decision? If the security company you got has the quality, I can say you did it right. But there are times that the company that bid in cheapest price is not that quality. So, think hard when choosing the company you will make this business. Aside from that, there is agreement that you should stick in that company in 5 to 8 years. Then it means that you are locking up in that company. If they decide to increase their service in future, you can’t say no to them because the bid is just for the initial service.


Second, no company certification.  If you want to have successful business you should think what will be the best for your company. Be sure that the company you will select has the certification that their equipment is in high quality. Aside from that, their equipments should always have the warranty.


Third, watch out for subcontractor. Unfortunately, there are security companies that didn’t send their Installation teams to go to your company and make the installation. There are security company that asking a subcontractor to install the equipments for you. There is no problem if the subcontractor is certified and really good, the installation will be successful. But if not, you will get problem. So, before you allow the subcontractor to do the job, make sure that you will ask him to see his certification.


Fourth, Scope of work. You should understand what will be the scope of work of your chosen company. Make sure that they will have the responsibility to take good care of the equipment if there is a problem.  Some security companies also ask for additional fee in case you decided to add equipment.


Fifth, Service and Maintenance Agreement. The security company should always come to help if you found that there is something wrong in the equipment. There is a possibility that you and your company will be in trouble if you ignore some problem. Whether big or small, you have to find solution immediately. So, in your agreement the company should respond immediately to fix the problem.